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Working on 'Tarkine in Motion 2017'

I am currently working towards an exhibition for the Bob Brown Foundation which showcases works from several artists who undertook a recent trip into the Tarkine area of Tasmania. There were a diverse bunch of artists from visual artists to writers, musicians, dancers, performers and installation artists. All were addressing the theme of saving the Tarkine area from logging and mining and raising awareness of the region. The foundation is also lobbying for the region to be granted World Heritage status to protect it from further degradation.

My contribution will be a series of paintings and drawings from my observations in the area around Arthur River. I stayed in an area close to "The Edge of the World' which is a wild and exposed coastal area that is battered by the roaring forties winds. It is also an important area for the indigenous community with many significant cultural sites embedded within the landscape.

In addition to this, I will be contributing to an artist journal and diary that are to be published for the Bob Brown Foundation.

I will post the exhibition dates closer to the time.

Bluff Hill Point, Oil on Board

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